Ron Mueck (b.1958, Australia) - Couple Under An Umbrella. Mixed média, 300x400x350 cm (2013)

“I never made life-size figures because it never seemed to be interesting. We meet life-size people every day.” says Australian-born, London-based artist Ron Mueck. Mueck works slowly in his small North London studio, making time itself an important element in his creative process. His human figures are meticulously detailed, with surprising changes of scale that place them as far from academic realism as they are from pop art or hyperrealism.

Mueck has had highly acclaimed exhibitions around the world from Japan to Australia, New Zealand and Mexico, but shows of his new work in Europe have not been frequent occurrences. Artist has been invited to present his new sculpture at the Fondation Cartier from 16 April to 29 September 2013. This is his first major exhibition in Europe since the hugely successful Fondation Cartier exhibition of 2005.

Ron Mueck Exhibition @ La Fondation Cartier
261 Bd. Raspail Paris 14 - 16.04-29.09.2013
Photo Thomas Salva/Lumento for the Fondation Cartier
Photo artist’s studio by Gautier Deblonde

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